International Federation of Mammalogists (formerly IUBS Section of Mammalogy)

Founded 1974, as the Section of Theriology (Mammalogy) of the International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS). Statutes amended at 5th International Theriological Congress, Aug 1989, Rome (Italy). In 2006; transformed into the International Federation of Mammalogists, still under IUBS auspices. Aims Promote international cooperation and understanding in the science of mammalogy (theriology); to encourage collaboration in conservation of mammals, in research, in the preservation of mammal collections, in the computerization of collection data, in the exchange of students, data, and specimens, in promoting a stable and evolutionarily based nomenclature, in issuance of collecting and specimen export permits, and in any activities that promote knowledge and understanding of the Earth’s mammalian fauna. The Federation also organizes International Mammalogical Congresses (formerly ITC’s) generally at four year intervals.