Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections

Objectives and Activities: (1) to provide for and maintain an international association of persons who study and care for natural history collections. SPNHC also provides a bridge between natural history collection managers and relevant technical, professional and both governmental and non-governmental organizations. (2) to encourage research on the essential requirements for preserving, storing, studying, and displaying natural history collections. SPNHC recognizes and awards contributions to the understanding of natural history collection management and preservation. (3) to publish a professional journal, Collection Forum, and encourage the dissemination of information about natural history collections. SPNHC publishes natural history collection related technical materials, including Collection Forum, bi-annual newsletters, technical leaflets, best-practice guides and several monographs. (4) to hold annual meetings and sponsor symposia and workshops to foster the exchange of ideas and information. The 19th Annual Meeting and Workshop will be held in May 2004, at New York, USA.