Data Sources

This page serves as an overview over our databases. For further information and links to German-language networks, please consult the German site version.

Looking for taxonomic expertise or information concerning certain organism groups? Try our database on learned societies and networks to exchange information and meet other specialists. Museums and collections represent a further important infrastructure for taxonomic research.

Based on literature survey a taxonomists-database is currently being compiled by the German GTI focal point and will soon be available online. Please direct inquiries to

More Information about taxonomists

  • The Dutch NGO ETI Bioinformatics (Expert Center for Taxonomic Identification) develops and produces scientific, computer-based information systems. They also offer the "World Taxonomist Database" with currently about 5,000 entries. Germany is represented with around 260 entries.
  • The Ocean Expert website enables the online search for marine experts. Currently there are more than 13,000 people listed here. Germany over 300 entries.
  • In the field of Botany the Herbarium in New York provides an Index Herbarium where staff of Botanical Gardens is listed. 10,000 entries.
  • There are useful links to expert databases especially for German experts to be found on the website of the Society for Biological Systematics (Gesellschaft für Biologische Systematik).
  • In addition, scientific research communities often present information about their members on their websites.
  • Directory of Systematists of the World
  • Directory of German speaking entomologists and arachnologists (Verzeichnis deutschsprachiger Entomologen und Arachnologen)
  • The Japanese GTI focal point provides links and information about taxonomists working in Asia on their website (e.g. Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Phillipins, Sri Lanka)
  • A report written by the National Science Foundation (NSF) presents information about the situation of taxonomy in the USA, 2004