Amphibian Conservation Action Plan
Handlungsplan zur Erhaltung der Amphibien
The Amphibian Conservation Summit of 2005 produced a consensus among academic scientists, conservation practitioners, and knowledgeable individuals influential in diverse societal contexts (see the ACS Declaration, Appendix 1). A subset of the ACS delegation (Appendix 2) also wrote ACAP, which is a multidisciplinary approach that provides a way forward in addressing the causes of declines and slowing or reversing the losses. There is not a single answer to preventing the extinction of more species, and as a result the plan will evolve as new information becomes available. For the first time, however, in ACAP we have a response that is at the scale of the challenge. Now we need to put the plan into action.
Biology, Conservation, Environment
2. Jan 2012
2. Jan 2012