American Bee Research Conference
[Amerikanische Bienen Forschungs Konferenz]
The ABRC provides an opportunity for scientists to present their current work to an audience of beekeepers and fellow scientists. It is also an opportunity to get to know other honey bee researchers in an informal social setting. Beekeepers and researchers are communicating about crises and methods of the beekeeping industries. They publish the Journal 'Proceeding of the American Bee Conference'. The idea of the ABRC is to have a common forum where those interested in current research can discuss their work in an informal way. The work is presented as an 'abstract,' with a maximum of 540 words accompanied by a graph or table. An oral presentation by the investigator at the meeting then fleshes out the idea behind the work to the audience, and that is followed by a give and take question and answer session. An 'abstract' is not technically considered 'published,' work and so the author can still publish information at a later time somewhere else. Not only are scientists allowed to discuss work that is underway without penalty through the ABRC, and in the process exchange valuable ideas, but also the beekeeping community becomes informed about current research efforts on its behalf. The abstracts are published as a composite work each year in the American Bee Journal; for which the authors pay a publication charge. This means that beekeepers not attending the actual meeting can still become informed about work in progress. Anyone who wishes can present an abstract by simply sending an idea to the organizers of the Conference in advance of the meeting.
2. Mai 2011
10. Nov 2011