African Conservation Centre
[Afrikanisches Konservations-Zentrum]
African Conservation Centre (ACC) is a not-for-profit Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to the development of African Conservation excellence. ACC places emphasis on a three tier approach of integrating Knowledge, Environment and Livelihoods in resolving principal problems facing Biodiversity Conservation in East Africa. To achieve this, ACC serves a number of complimentary functions: Forging interdisciplinary approaches to Conservation advanced training, Research into issues with broad application and policy implications. In its formative years, ACC pioneered research methods in Ecosystems research and Ecotourism. It also pioneered Community-based Conservation concepts and practices. ACC selects pilot Conservation projects with a high chance of success and broad application in these areas ACC believes in saving African wildlife through sound Science, local initiatives, and good Governance. A primary aim is to bring together the people and skills needed to build East Africa’s capacity to conserve Wildlife. ACC achieves its Mission through programs that conserve Ecosystems and maintain continuous and open Landscapes and those that improve the incomes and Livelihoods of local Communities through the sustainable utilization of Wildlife and Natural Resources. ACC also seeks to establish strong Community-based institutional structures that address common and salient conservation and livelihood challenges. Although the African Conservation Centre’s core mandate is conservation, this cannot take place in a vacuum. Communities impacted by conservation activities must become part and parcel of the total Conservation efforts. To this end, Scientists studying the conservation of Fauna and Flora or any other Natural Resources increasingly engage with Communities that share the relevant Ecosystems with the subjects of Conservation.
Conservation, Ecology, Research
Kenia, Afrika
14. Dez 2005
10. Nov 2011