American Association of Cereal Chemistry
[Amerikanische Gemeinschaft der Getreide Chemie]
The American Association of Cereal Chemists (AACC) changed the name to AACC International in order to better reflect the direction of the Association and the grains industry as a whole in 2005. It is a non-profit organization of members who are specialists in the use of cereal grains in foods. The Association has been an innovative leader in gathering and disseminating scientific and technical information to professionals in the grain-based foods industry worldwide for more than 90 years. It publishes Cereal Chemistry and Cereal Foods World as well as books on grain and food science. In addition to many other opportunities for professional growth, the association holds an annual meeting with exhibition, provides short courses taught by well-known experts in the field, and offers the online library of industry netcasts, the Cereal Science Knowledge Database. AACC International also offers international check sample and proficiency testing service, analytical sanitation certification as well as regional sections and subject matter divisions. AACC International is a resource for timely technical information, significant research findings, industry trends and career development.
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18. Dez 2003
10. Nov 2011