Alley Farming Network for Tropical Africa
["Alley Farming" Netzwerk fuer das tropische Afrika]
Over the past decade, researchers at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) have been instrumental in leading an ambitious project to establish a network to develop and promote alley farming (AF). AF is a tree-based technology, designed to address problems of soil fertility and to shorten fallow periods. Soil infertility and the adoption of shorter fallow periods are often brought on by intense land use resulting from rapid population growth. By planting deep-rooted trees and shrubs that grow quickly in hedgerows, essential plant nutrients are recycled to the benefit of crops planted in alleys between the hedgerows. Alley farming is designed to improve or maintain soil fertility, making use of specific tree species that enrich the soil with nutrients by fixing nitrogen and produce foliage.
20. Okt 2003
10. Nov 2011