Africa Enviromental Outlook
[Ausblick auf die Afrikanische Umwelt]
The AEO report is prepared using the Integrated Environment and Assessment and reporting (IEA) methodology derived from the UNEP Global Environment Outlook (GEO) process and answers five consecutive questions that are key to effective decision making. 1. What is happening to the environment? 2. Why is it happening? 3. What is the impact? 4. What can we do and what are we doing about it? 5. What will happen if we do not act now? The AEO report: Incorporates sound data, information and science, sub-regional, national and multi-stakeholder perspectives, priority emerging issues with a strong orientation toward sustainable development; Examines the state of the environment over the last 30 years, the driving forces behind environmental change, and the consequences for social and economic development Examines the vulnerability of human populations to floods, droughts, earthquakes, pests and diseases; Explores the links between environmental change and poverty, and identifies appropriate intervention; Presents a series of possible alternatives for the future based upon potential decisions and actions by policy makers; Recommends priority actions; Marks significant collaboration between UNEP and AMCEN; The report is also supported by selected case studies focusing on some of its main findings. The case studies have been published separately under as an AEO complimentary report titled "Africa Environment Outlook Case Studies: Human Vulnerability to Environmental Change".
Environment, Politics
20. Okt 2003
10. Nov 2011